1. The Long Road to Recovery After a Fire George Siegal 30:37

March 7, 2023
75.  The Long Road to Recovery After a Fire

In this episode, George Siegal invites Jefferson Wagner (aka Zuma Jay) to share his experience of rebuilding his home after losing it in the Woolsey wildfire in 2018. Wagner was denied insurance by his insurance carrier, Allstate, and he had to fight hard to get his insurance money without having a mortgage company to support him. Wagner stresses the importance of knowing your policy and having documentation after a disaster happens. Furthermore, they discuss Malibu’s precautions against future disasters, such as hardening homes and fuel modifications, and Malibu's 2018 fire that wiped out many communities due to a lack of disaster preparedness. They also touch on topics such as insurance policies, earthquake mitigation, and the impact of disasters on mental health. Siegal and Wagner offer insight on how to not become a victim of natural disasters, giving homeowners a few preventative remedies to avoid a catastrophic loss.

In this episode, you will learn the following: 

 1. What is the best way to ensure that you don't get caught in an insurance dispute like Jefferson did? 

 2. How are Californians adapting their homes to better survive fires?

 3. Mistakes you can avoid from hearing Jefferson’s struggles.

Important quotes from the podcast by Jefferson Wagner:

“Knowing your policy and actually just not signing the document, but actually reading the document, tell yourself, I am going to read my policy and pick out five or six spots in the policy that you don't understand and get clarity prior to sending them the check. That's the best remedy I can help you with as a policyholder.” 

“Don't be a victim and a victim. If you're a victim of a natural disaster, there's nothing we can do about it. But don't be a paperwork victim as well.”


“If you're not prepared and don't think about that between the months of September and January, then you're naive and shame on you.”

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