1. Preventing Wildfire Disasters A Conversation with OP Almaraz George Siegal 31:25

September 12, 2023

100. Preventing Wildfire Disasters A Conversation with OP Almaraz

Are you prepared for the wildfire season? Don't rely on luck – arm yourself with strategies to protect your home from wildfires. I sat down with O.P. Almaraz, a seasoned disaster restoration expert and owner of Allied Restoration and Allied Disaster Defense. We dissect the concept of home hardening and how this preventative approach could mean the difference between disaster and survival. We also delve into a real-life case study involving the Lahaina tragedy. You’ll learn how one house survived, while everything around it burned to the ground.

As we navigate through a hot fire season in California, we also discuss the fears, preparations, and safety measures surrounding this potential disaster. Discover the steps Cal Fire and city politicians are taking to mitigate risks and learn from past disasters. From detailing evacuation routes to vegetation clearing, gain practical tips to make your home safer. O.P. also shares his top three steps to minimize wildfire risks and the importance of community involvement in spreading awareness and preparedness. Tune in to this episode to protect your most valuable asset – your home.

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