1. How to Bring New Life to an Old House George Siegal 36:17

March 14, 2023
76.  How to Bring New Life to an Old House

In this episode of Tell Us How to Make It Better, host George Siegal sits down with Katherine MacPhail, an old house architect from Eastern Massachusetts. Katherine is a specialist in finding environmentally friendly solutions to old-house problems, which is important given that the construction industry produces a lot of greenhouse gases. She emphasizes the importance of considering the carbon footprint of the materials used to build or repair old homes. Katharine shares insights on upgrading electrical systems, retrofitting older homes, the importance of reusing high-quality wood to repair old windows, and the challenges of renovating older homes. 

She delves into the impact of the built environment on neighborhoods and how builders, architects, and government regulations can make buildings safer and more eco-friendly. Katharine’s Talking Home Renovations podcast is a helpful and friendly community for homeowners to learn more about renovating homes. Listen to this episode of Tell Us How to Make It Better for more on how to make sustainable choices when renovating old homes.


“As an architect who specializes in restoring old houses, I've realized that finding local materials isn't easy. I wish there was a one-stop shop of sorts for all of us to access, that would help easily source what's available as well as offer recommendations for what materials are most suitable. As individuals, there's so much we can do to create a positive impact on the environment.” – Katharine MacPhail, on the challenges of sourcing local materials while retaining a sustainable approach to restoration.


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