1. 28. Meet A Woman Who Eliminated Plastic Containers From Her Business George Siegal 24:15

March 7, 2022
28. Meet A Woman Who Eliminated Plastic Containers From Her Business

Angie Ringler has developed a unique manufacturing process that eliminates plastic bottles needed for liquid household cleaning and body products. Her company is called Tangie LLC, now doing business as WasteFreeProducts.com, a carbon-neutral business that is plant-based and certified cruelty-free.

Here are some important moments in the podcast: 

At  3:23 How should be people be thinking about damage we cause to the environment so it matters to them?

At 8:09 Are you for not using any plastic bottles, or using the ones you have for much longer?

 At 9:44 How are your products priced compared to what we buy in the store?

 You can reach Angie and buy her products on her website: wastefreeproducts.com

You can download her ebook at: wastefreepledge.com 

You can also follow Angie on Instagram:

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