1. 27. Why We Need to be Resilient to Protect Our Homes George Siegal 45:57

February 21, 2022
27. Why We Need to be Resilient to Protect Our Homes

Pete Gaynor shares his years of experience in disaster management which includes working at FEMA to his current position as the Senior Vice President and Director of National Resilience, Response, and Recovery programs for the LiRo Group.  Pete is a former FEMA Administrator and Acting Secretary of Homeland Security during the last presidential administration. He has great insight into why we need to become more resilient to survive major disasters. The best way to reach out to Pete is through Linkedin. 

Here are some important moments in the podcast: 

 At  6:37 What is the primary issue you are working on?

At 15:30 Why don’t people take disasters as seriously as they should?

 At 22:20 Disasters seem to bring out people that want to take advantage of the victims?

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Special Resource Links:

Earthquake:  https://www.engineeringforchange.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/fema232.pdf

 High Wind: https://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/plus/ssttoolbox/qdm2sqxtml/F-C-HWG20.pdf

 Designing roofs to withstand heavy snow: https://embed.widencdn.net/pdf/plus/ssttoolbox/qdm2sqxtml/F-C-HWG20.pdf

 Hurricane Resistant Construction: https://redshift.autodesk.com/hurricane-proof-construction-methods-can-save-buildings-communities/

 Flood Resistant Building Techniques: https://www.dewberry.com/insights-news/post/blog/2018/10/18/five-prominent-flood-resistant-building-techniques

 Fire Resistant Construction: https://www.dewberry.com/insights-news/post/blog/2018/10/18/five-prominent-flood-resistant-building-techniques

 Fema Resources: https://www.dewberry.com/insights-news/post/blog/2018/10/18/five-prominent-flood-resistant-building-techniques

 Fortified: https://fortifiedhome.org

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