1. 26. Using TikTok And Instagram to Educate About Eco-Friendly George Siegal 27:04

February 21, 2022
26.  Using TikTok And Instagram to Educate About Eco-Friendly

Sabrina Pare makes educational environmental content on TikTok and Instagram sharing tips on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle through low waste living and climate activism.

 You can click here to see Sabrina’s videos on Instagram and TikTok. You can also find her under sabrina.sustainable.life on both platforms.

Here are some important moments in the podcast: 

At  2:11 Describe for people what it is you recognize as a problem and what you are doing to try to make it better?

At 7:21 How does the team determine what is content worthy for Eco Tok?

 At 14:15 Rather than just complaining about problems, you guys are making videos that actually show what people can do to address the problems?

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