1. 25. Finding Balance Between Working And Being A Mom George Siegal 26:41

February 14, 2022
25. Finding Balance Between Working And Being A Mom

Ali Wolf is a former newscaster turned podcast host and entrepreneur.  Her podcast Mom’s Calling explores the issues, challenges, sacrifices and accomplishments women face in motherhood.  Ali's goal is to help new, expecting, and first-time moms find connection and inspiration.

 Ali’s Mom’s Calling podcast is available on all platforms. You can also reach her at AWolftv.com.  Her planners can be found on Etsy or you can link to them through her website. 

Here are some important moments in the podcast:
At 3:13 Ali talks about what it was like going from newscaster to podcaster.

At 8:34 What is your biggest challenge with growing a podcast?

At 20:26 Ali tells us what advice she gives to moms who are looking for a way to get back into the workplace.

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George Siegal began his career in front of the camera as a newscaster, sportscaster, and weathercaster. He worked in markets from San Antonio, Texas to Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. In addition to work in front of the camera, George was a feature reporter and producer.