1. Teatime with Miss Liz T-E-A Open Discussion with Tara R. Eusebi Bless Phone App "Miss Liz" Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon Women Making a Difference with One Cup 1:00:09

Teatime with Miss Liz coming to the table to share a strong T-E-A is Tara R. Eusebi

Founder & Chief Bless. Time to share on the humanity phone app bringing people together.

February 23rd, 3 pm EST


Tara Eusebi is the Founder and Chief Blesser of Bless. In 2018, Tara stepped away from a successful career in corporate America to pursue her passion for helping others. This pursuit led to the creation of Bless, a mobile application that brings communities together to help one another in every part of the world.

Bless is free to download, free to use, collects no user data and contains no ads to distract from its purpose and content. It’s a gift for all humanity! Now Tara is on a mission to change the world by uniting humanity and impacting generations through the power of Bless! The account of her journey will inspire and encourage you to uncover your passion and go after your dreams.


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Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon, is an established Best Selling International CoAuthor, Self published International Author, International Keynote Speaker, Founder/Creator of Miss Liz Teatime and Parties, Global Peace Challenge 2020 Ambassador for Canada 🇨🇦 Former International Secretary Human Rights and Social Justice Federation, Former Director Rape Violence Atrocities Against Women AHRI, Former International Rotary Club for Great Britain and Ireland Member for Peace Envoy and Chairman for Gender Equality,Ambassador for Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, Radio Host, Podcast Host, Influencer, Mentor, Advocate and Change Maker for mental health,abuse, grief and peace for humanity.

She is the Founder/Creator of Miss Liz’s Tea Parties/Teatimes and Host of Teatime with Miss Liz Making a Difference One Cup at a Time.

She is a survivor of extreme abuse and a flower toward humanity. As she makes big changes in the world by creating magical events where people come together to share their stories of trauma and triumph, still she pushes through the pain.

She is also the Founder/Creator of the “TeaBag Story Award.”