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Teatime with Miss Liz joining and coming to share a T-E-A is Marilyn Kriete the author of The Box Must Be Empty “A Memoir of Complicated Grief, Spiritual Despair, and Ultimate Healing”

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March 20th, 7 pm EST


Marilyn Kriete Marilyn Kriete Author

After colourful years spent in four continents and 16 cities, working as a cook, chambermaid, waitress, fisherwoman, missionary, speaker/teacher, tutor, and academic writing editor, she now lives in British Columbia with her super-supportive husband and two attention-seeking cats. She has two grown kids and a beloved grandchild living too far away.

Her favourite activities–writing and dreaming– she enjoys hiking, cycling, blogging, playing word games, watching documentaries, having deep talks, and reading other people’s memoirs. Her poetry and nonfiction have appeared in The Lyric, Storyteller, The Eastern Iowa Review, The English Bay Review, Brevity Blog, and Longreads.

Lately, she has become a serial memoirist, with two published memoirs and two more in the works. Her unconventional life has been full of adventure and challenges, and I’d be a fool not to share what I’ve learned (usually the hard way) with whoever will listen. Her relationship with God is her greatest treasure. Whatever wisdom she might share comes from Him.

What happens when buried Grief rises two decades late, upending the life you’ve built in its coffin? When your old Grief seems inappropriate, and your heart wrestles with Grief upon Grief as you move too many times and lose too many friendships? How do you recover from a devastated marriage, a crushed faith, and an endlessly broken heart?

This is the crux of Marilyn Kriete’s crisis. After losing her first great love, she becomes a Christian, marries Henry, and joins him in a hectic worldwide ministry that leaves little room for personal reflection. When her old Grief unexpectedly resurfaces, she’s shocked by the tsunami that rips through their lives. And when intensive counselling fails to bring healing and Henry pens a letter that decimates their churches and spins them out of the fellowship, her battered heart is tested beyond imagination. Exploring delayed and complicated Grief in its many disguises—dashed dreams, disenchantment, family troubles, and the guilt of being a former faith leader, now grappling with depression and dismay— Marilyn candidly shares her long journey back to wholeness.

Genres: Women’s Memoir/Religious Memoir/

Marilyn Kriete’s debut memoir PARADISE ROAD won multiple awards. It was the winner in the Young Adult Non-fiction category and a finalist in both New Adult Non-Fiction and Book Cover Design in the 15th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards and winner in the Adventure Non-Fiction category in the 2022 Book Excellence Awards. She frequently Zooms with book clubs, bookstores, and libraries. The audiobook (narrated by the author) of PARADISE ROAD is slated to be released in February 2023 and will be distributed by Blackstone.

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Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon, is an established Best Selling International CoAuthor, Self published International Author, International Keynote Speaker, Founder/Creator of Miss Liz Teatime and Parties, Global Peace Challenge 2020 Ambassador for Canada 🇨🇦 Former International Secretary Human Rights and Social Justice Federation, Former Director Rape Violence Atrocities Against Women AHRI, Former International Rotary Club for Great Britain and Ireland Member for Peace Envoy and Chairman for Gender Equality,Ambassador for Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, Radio Host, Podcast Host, Influencer, Mentor, Advocate and Change Maker for mental health,abuse, grief and peace for humanity.

She is the Founder/Creator of Miss Liz’s Tea Parties/Teatimes and Host of Teatime with Miss Liz Making a Difference One Cup at a Time.

She is a survivor of extreme abuse and a flower toward humanity. As she makes big changes in the world by creating magical events where people come together to share their stories of trauma and triumph, still she pushes through the pain.

She is also the Founder/Creator of the “TeaBag Story Award.”