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Teatime with Miss Liz joining and returning from season three to share a T-E-A of growth, changes and consulting is Joi Brown, a Career Strategist, Life Coach, International Bestselling Author, Empowerment Speaker, and Entrepreneur known as the “Positive Energizer.” 3eee Consulting

February 16th, 7 pm EST


Dr. Joi L. Brown is a living testament that the ‘potential for greatness lives within each of us.’ Being raised on the “I Can” mantra transformed her life to believe in herself and walk boldly in her gifts and talents. Joi has motivated thousands to step into their greatness and live a life of purpose.

Joi is a Career Strategist, Certified Life Coach, International Bestselling Author, Empowerment Speaker, and Entrepreneur known as the “Positive Energizer.” She continues to fulfill her life’s motto “If I can help somebody along this journey called life with a word or song, then my living will not be in vain” through her professional and community endeavours.

Joi is the Chief Executive Officer of 3EEE Consulting, where she educates, equips, and empowers people through Coaching, conversations, and workshops in career and entrepreneur development, conflict resolution, goal setting, health and wellness, leadership development, and personal and professional branding. She has over 24 years of demonstrated human resource development and management expertise in developing and executing human capital programs that achieved organizational success. Joi is living her dream as an HR Director within the federal government.

Joi shares empowering messages as an author of three anthologies, Passion Purpose Peace: The Pathway through Trials and Tribulations, Step Into Leadership Greatness: Leadership Is Not A Title and Silhouettes of Strategies From Authentic Coaches For Mind, Body, and Soul. As an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine, she provides strategies globally on how to be prepared and positioned for life’s next opportunity. Joi was recognized in Brainz 500 Global Awards 2021 for entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to empowering others.

As an empowerment speaker, Joi motivates audiences with her powerful messages to Show Up: Bigger & Bolder, Level Up: Make Boss Moves, and Alt + Ctrl + Del. She has been a featured speaker for Called 2 Inspire Women’s International Empowerment Conference, Comeback Summit, and Power Up, and The Leadership Experience Tour, Sister Leader Conference, etc. Joi is one of the most sought-after names for podcasts and shows and has been featured in various magazines such as Tap-In, VIP Global, Women of Dignity, My Sisters Keeper, K.I.S.H., UP Words, Making Headline News, Women Who Win, Phoenix Fitness Magazine. She has also been recognized as a Top 20 Business Coach, Top 25 Most Inspiring Woman, Top 25 Global Influencers, Speaker of the Day, Top 50 Unstoppable Women Innovators in Business, Top 20 Christian Coach, and Top 50 Pioneers of Change. Joi is truly walking in her purpose to educate, equip, and empower people to their greatness. Joi’s lifetime commitment to community service and the empowerment of others was recognized by the Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy from Trinity International University of Ambassadors. “Won’t He Do It, says Dr. Joi.”

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Elizabeth Jean Olivia Gagnon, is an established Best Selling International CoAuthor, Self published International Author, International Keynote Speaker, Founder/Creator of Miss Liz Teatime and Parties, Global Peace Challenge 2020 Ambassador for Canada 🇨🇦 Former International Secretary Human Rights and Social Justice Federation, Former Director Rape Violence Atrocities Against Women AHRI, Former International Rotary Club for Great Britain and Ireland Member for Peace Envoy and Chairman for Gender Equality,Ambassador for Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, Radio Host, Podcast Host, Influencer, Mentor, Advocate and Change Maker for mental health,abuse, grief and peace for humanity.

She is the Founder/Creator of Miss Liz’s Tea Parties/Teatimes and Host of Teatime with Miss Liz Making a Difference One Cup at a Time.

She is a survivor of extreme abuse and a flower toward humanity. As she makes big changes in the world by creating magical events where people come together to share their stories of trauma and triumph, still she pushes through the pain.

She is also the Founder/Creator of the “TeaBag Story Award.”