Thursday - July 25th, 2024
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60 Seconds for Wednesdays on Whidbey: LAST CALL ANNOUNCEMENT => Are You an Established Author, Speaker, or Entrepreneur Who Is Ready to Be Visible in a Whole New Way? I Have a Solution But You Have to Act Right Now!

  1. 60 Seconds for Wednesdays on Whidbey: LAST CALL ANNOUNCEMENT => Are You an Established Author, Speaker, or Entrepreneur Who Is Ready to Be Visible in a Whole New Way? I Have a Solution But You Have to Act Right Now! 3:07

Hello to you listening in Bedford, New York!

Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is Stories From Women Who Walk with 60 Seconds for Wednesdays on Whidbey and your host, Diane Wyzga.

Have I got something special just for you! 

It’s the brainchild of my long-time friend and colleague, Donna Cravotta CEO of Cravotta Media Group: => BeVisible Club.


✓ Are you confused about how to creatively use AI to advance your professional visibility?

✓ Have your marketing strategies stopped working for you?

✓ Do you want to enhance your visibility in your business but are unsure what to do and how?

✓ Is your valuable content gathering digital dust so it’s invisible?

Solution: For a very limited time (24 hours!) you can activate this offer to get in on the ground floor of the BeVisibleClub.  

What do you get?

✓ Strategies to take you to the future

✓ Storytelling Skills

✓ Audience Development

✓ PR/Media Masterclass

✓ AI Tools

✓ 155-page Coursework Workbook Roadmap

✓ Braintrust to support your individual visibility plan

✓ Like-minded community of professionals

✓ Meetings online twice monthly

✓ and, there’s more!

When: The Community kicks off on Thursday 11th July 2024 at 2PM EDT

Learn more:

BeVisible Club

TIME-LIMITED CTA: Anyone who joins by Thursday 11th July 2024 at noon EDT will be locked in for renewals at $1500 per year. Payment plans are also available. This offer will NOT be repeated. Jump on it right now!


Donna Cravotta, CEO and Founder, Cravotta Media Group


Donna Cravotta is the CEO and Founder of Cravotta Media Group and the creator of mastermind, and The Real 50 over 50: The Wisdom Revolution, a visibility project featuring 100+ women over the age of 50 who are quietly, or not so quietly, making a difference.

After years of creating marketing strategies and building customized online platforms, Donna saw a recurring theme. Clients had gaps in their own stories. They left out parts of the journey that got them to where they are today. This gap created a disconnect in their work and in their marketing.

So she flipped her own story, spent more than a year evaluating 40 years of working experience, listened to and learned what small businesses need, and redesigned her business. Now, her focus is on guiding clients as they pull together all of the parts of their stories and mix tried-and-true strategies with new technology to be visible and connect with their perfect audiences.

Get in touch with Donna:



You’re always invited: “Come for the stories – stay for the magic!” Speaking of magic, would you subscribe and spread the word with a generous 5-star review and comment – it helps us all – and join us next time!

Meanwhile, stop by my Quarter Moon Story Arts website to:

✓ Check out Services I Offer,

✓ Arrange your no-sales, Complimentary Coaching Consult,

✓ Stay current with Diane on as “Wyzga on Words” on Substack and on LinkedIn

Stories From Women Who Walk Production Team

Podcaster: Diane F Wyzga & Quarter Moon Story Arts

Music: Mer’s Waltz from Crossing the Waters by Steve Schuch & Night Heron Music

All content and Image © 2019 to Present Quarter Moon Story Arts. All rights reserved. 

Diane Wyzga Story Guide/Coach, Podcaster, Speaker & Trainer

Remember the first time you rode a bike and took your hands off the handlebars? And then because it felt fun and scary you did it again until you were streaking down a hill with the wind blowing in your face and your hands up over your head screaming, “Look ma! No hands!” That’s been the story of Diane's life. Showing up - maybe scared but not afraid - because when you fall down 7 you get up 8.

With 30 years in healthcare, business, law, higher education and storytelling Diane created a niche the world needs: helping socially conscious professionals and organizations connect, engage & succeed by crafting the stories that communicate their message. A recognized global podcaster (Stories From Women Who Walk and Daily 60 Seconds) Diane shares wisdom and interviews designed to help others become successful story creators. Speaker and Founder Engaged Storyism® Method.

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