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July 9th, 2024

Ep. 98 – Chronicles of an Adrenaline Junkie with Jennie 'Adrena Jen' Milton

  1. Ep. 98 - Chronicles of an Adrenaline Junkie with Jennie 'Adrena Jen' Milton Sasha Graham 52:10

In this exhilarating episode of “Sports Will Save Us All,” host Sasha Graham welcomes the incredible Jennie Milton, an Australian adventurer whose official bio barely scratches the surface of her dynamic life. Jennie is a professional snow kiter, kite surfer, and big mountain backcountry guide, but her talents and passions extend far beyond these titles.

Known widely as “Adrena Jen,” a nickname that plays on the word adrenaline, Jennie is a champion in her field, a skilled photographer, a daredevil at heart, a dedicated coach, and an enthralling storyteller. Her boundless enthusiasm for the outdoors and thrill-seeking adventures makes her a true adrenaline junkie.

Join us as Jennie shares her captivating stories, insights into extreme sports, and the mindset it takes to push boundaries and embrace the adrenaline rush. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply love a good adventure story, this episode is sure to inspire and entertain.

Follow Jennie Milton:

Instagram: @adrenajen

Facebook: @adrenajen

YouTube: @adrenajen

Website: AdrenaJen.com


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Sasha Graham Podcast Host, Sports Will Save Us All

Sasha Graham is the host of the award-winning podcast, Sports Will Save Us All, a sports podcast for the NPR crowd. Sasha has worked as a television writer and producer, at Walt Disney Studios as Vice President of National Publicity, and has published two children's books, Milo Does Not Like Mornings and Whitney Wins Everything.

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