1. Smitha Murthy of Beagle Security: A Leader Who Lifts Up Dr. Laura Sicola 31:26

Joining Laura this week is Smitha Murthy, CEO of Beagle Security. Smitha shares the steps she took to build rapport with key decision makers early in her career in order to be recognized as someone truly ready for a leadership role.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Smitha helped build a collective community to mentor other women towards promotion in male-dominated industries.
  • How she bucked the tradition of leadership silence during a period of chaotic uncertainty and instead encouraged open conversation with her team when change was inevitable.
  • How Smitha asserted herself during the implementation of a new team into existing company processes and used qualitative data to prove to her teammates that she was leading them towards winning.
  • Why technical qualifications alone are not enough, and how taking initiative and overcoming inhibitions can lead to growth opportunities.

24 Hour Challenge:

Think back on your life and enumerate all the people who have had an impact on your life (both positive and negative) and how that has shaped your leadership style. Are you actively leading the way you would want to? If not, how can you recalibrate?

About Smitha Murthy:

Smitha has 27+ years of industry experience as a Product Management Executive and General Manager and currently holds the position as the CEO of Beagle Security – an automated AI-driven comprehensive penetration testing platform. With expertise in driving innovative customer experiences through Data Science and Analytics and Digital Transformation, she has a successful track record of managing and growing multi-million-dollar product lines and P&L, commercializing digital products from concept to launch for multiple organizations in the Silicon Valley. 

Before taking on the role as CEO at Beagle Security she was the VP of Product and Portfolio Management at Oracle Health. Smitha has previously worked at McAfee, CA Technologies, NetApp, ADP and Axtria, bringing a unique blend of expertise in growing startups & enterprises alike. She also acts as an advisor for multiple startups.

Smitha was shortlisted for the “Digital Leader of the Year Award” by Women in IT Awards Series in 2020. She served as an executive sponsor for Oracle’s Professional Asian Leadership, a Board Member for Axtria Women’s Network and previously was part of ADP’s Women in Leadership.


You can connect with Smitha in the following ways:

  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/smithamurthy
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/SmithaMurthyRao
  • Company LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/beaglesecurity
  • Company Twitter: https://twitter.com/beaglesecure
  • Website: https://www.beaglesecurity.com


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