1. Dr. Mary O'Connor, CMO and Co-Founder of Vori Health: Establishing Trust and Identifying Team Communication Types Dr. Laura Sicola 35:57

Fear can create a barrier between living your passion or communicating with your team. This week Dr. Mary O’Connor discusses the role of telehealth in today’s patient care and how she is working with surgeons and insurance companies to dispel myths about the effectiveness of certain surgeries and quality of life. Listen in as Laura and Dr. O’Connor discuss how she navigates delicate topics with different stakeholders and how she maximizes her team’s communication styles for better management.


Here are a few things you’ll learn during this conversation:

  • What to do when parties get defensive during a discussion
  • Dealing with different communication styles
  • The importance of “small talk” in establishing trust
  • Critical lessons for leading a team
  • Understanding your team’s behavior and knowing how to respond


During the 24-Hour Challenge, Dr. O’Connor encourages you to acknowledge a fear that’s holding you back from your passion by writing it down or addressing it out loud.


Dr. Mary O’Connor:


Mary I. O’Connor, MD is co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Vori Health, a physician-led virtual musculoskeletal company on a mission to empower all humanity to lead a healthier life. Vori Health focuses on getting patients the right care for their spine, bone, and joint conditions, and promotes expert non-surgical care to decrease the high rates of inappropriate surgery.


Dr. O’Connor is a nationally recognized leader in health equity, chairing the Movement is Life Caucus, a nonprofit multi-stakeholder coalition committed to addressing musculoskeletal health disparities, since its inception in 2010. She has long championed diversity and inclusion in orthopedics and broken many barriers to women in the overwhelmingly male profession.


Dr. O’Connor is Professor Emerita of Orthopedics at Mayo Clinic and practiced at Mayo Clinic in Florida until 2015 during which time she served in many leadership roles including Chair, Orthopedic Surgery Department (Florida) and Medical Director, Office of Integrity and Compliance (Mayo enterprise). In 2015, she became Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at Yale School of Medicine and the inaugural Director of the Center for Musculoskeletal Care at Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Health.


Recognizing the challenges to true transformation of patient-centered care in the traditional medical system, Dr. O’Connor left her surgical practice and academic medicine to embrace her entrepreneurial spirit and join Vori Health full-time in February of 2021.


Dr. O’Connor is an Olympian (US Women’s Rowing) and is passionate in her promotion of the power of movement to improve health. She and her husband have three amazing children.


You can learn more about Vori Health by visiting: vorihealth.com


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