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July 5th, 2024

Starting a successful business – Episode 167 with Clarke Speaks

  1. Starting a successful business - Episode 167 with Clarke Speaks Spaghettionthewall 36:08

Discover the essential steps to launching and growing a successful business. In this video, we explore the importance of clarity of purpose and genuine commitment to your customers. Learn how passion and dedication can fuel effective marketing strategies that resonate with your audience.

Key Highlights:

  • Clarity of Purpose: Understanding why a clear vision is crucial for business success.
  • Passion and Commitment: How genuine care for your customers enhances business outcomes.
  • Effective Marketing: The role of passion and commitment in driving successful marketing campaigns.
  • Connecting with Your Audience: Strategies to build authentic relationships through your business endeavors.
Armando Leduc Owner of Leduc Entertainment, Podcaster

I am a veteran of the motion picture industry, with over 20 years as an actor, writer, producer and director. I have appeared on screen in dozens of major Hollywood productions including Prison Break, MacGyver, Green Lantern, The Purge and many others. I have taken my experience in this industry and am bringing that knowledge to the world of social media marketing and content creation where video is king. I work with businesses across the country to help expand their reach through social media. Our podcast takes time to speak with those business owners about their "spaghetti on the wall" moment; the time when they threw their ideas at the wall and what stuck.

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