1. Student Debt Be Damned w/ Nathan Dauschmidt | SFM E31 56:11

College debt is quite a pickle. If you don't do anything its an albatross around young people's necks. If you forgive it all, there's no accountability for colleges. We need something in between.

Enter today's solution: Student Debt Default Insurance. And who better to help us suss out how this would work than Nathan Dauschmidt, VP of Strategy and Innovation at Great American Insurance Group.

Student Debt Default Insurance does not exist today, but it could. Basically, it means buying an insurance policy on one or a group of students' college debt. If any of them default on the debt, the insurance policy pays the monthly payments until the graduate can pay. The more likely a student will default, the higher the premiums on the insurance. If the government required all colleges to buy insurance for all their students' debt, bad colleges would have higher premiums, and good colleges would have low premiums. This would mean there is accountability for colleges while keeping ample student debt for students. We'd get our cake and eat it too. 

So, what do you think? Should a startup start offering student debt insurance policies? Would you buy one? Could this be a way to alleviate the burdens of student debt and create accountability for colleges?

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