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  1. Start Finnish Schools in America | SFM E25 1:08:24

Many folks have heard that education in Finland is the cat's meow, so the solution today is: Why don't we start Finnish-style schools here in the US-of-A?

In this episode, Braus gets schooled by two experts in Finnish and international education: Sanna de Araújo, Head of School Concepts at Lumo Education — a consulting company that helps people start Finnish-style schools around the world — and Laura Benson the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at International Schools Services — an organization that supports international schools generally.

Stay tuned in to hear why experts consider Finnish schools to be so great, decide if it is really feasible to bring Finnish-style learning to the US, and be the first in the know about a quiet revolution Sanna and Laura and their organizations are igniting around the world in education.

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