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  1. How to Stop the Next January 6 | SFM 43 Adam Braus 37:12

On January 6th the United States experienced something very close to a coup. So this next election, where Donald Trump will run again and likely fight the results again, the people have prepared. The forces of democracy (left and right) in our country have banded together and started a 14-point, nationwide plan to prevent election fraud and any potential coup.

NOT! In fact, precious little has been done to protect our democracy and elections since January 6. What will you do on January 6, 2025, if there is a more significant, even more dangerous attack on our country?

Well, the Solutions gang is not resting on our laurels. We've got a humdinger of a solution for our democracy-minded listeners. Form ranks! Tune in to learn how to form a nonviolent anti-coup militia ready to help stop the next coup.

The Anti-Coup by Gene Sharp
The Success of Nonviolent Conflict TEDxTalk by Erica Chenoweth PhD Harvard

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