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  1. Documentary Peer Review | SFM E59 51:39

Welcome, listeners, to an episode that bursts with wild ideas, insightful discussions, and creative thinking. Today, we're exploring the unexpected, from the adrenaline-fueled thrill of rage rooms to honking horns in Delhi, and their innovative solution. We dive headfirst into a birthday party in a rage room, equipped with sledgehammers, crowbars, and artifacts ready for destruction. Meanwhile, halfway across the globe, an unusual practice is in play—traffic lights that extend based on the noise level to combat excessive honking.

In addition, we dissect the notion of peer-reviewed documentaries, advocating for a system that ensures accuracy in content. Imagine an organization of ethical documentarians, challenging each other's work, ensuring the highest standard of truth is met before making it public. We also explore the intriguing theories of Graham Hancock, questioning if we've underestimated the intellect of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. This episode takes you on a rollercoaster ride, challenging widely accepted norms and sparking curiosity.

But hold onto your seats, because we also enter the world of conspiracy theories, discuss the implications of an identity shock, and ponder about how impoverishment can make individuals more susceptible to fringe ideas. We then switch gears, navigating the world of dating apps and the infamous 80-20 rule, while contemplating the potential role of AI in enhancing profile pictures. We’ll also tackle the contentious facts presented in vegan documentaries and discuss the importance of peer review. Step onboard for an episode exploding with original solutions and thought-provoking dialogue. It's time to unpick the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

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Adam Braus is a polymath professor and professional in San Francisco. He has built many companies and non-profits and currently building a new college called Elton College. He is a lover of big ideas and new solutions.