1. The 7 Streams of Income to Consider Before You Make the Leap to Solopreneur with Takisha Smith, Ep # 114 Gabe Nelson and Takisha Smith 48:48

Are you ready to strike out on your own to become a solopreneur? How do you know if you are ready? What if you aren’t financially sound? 

Takisha Smith is an economic empowerment coach that creates systems and structures to set her clients up for success. Today she’ll walk you through 7 steps to ensure that you have enough income streams in place before you make the leap into solopreneurship. If you are worried about your financial solvency as you leave your W-2 job behind, you won’t want to miss this episode to hear what you should consider before you make the transition. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Takisha’s story [1:22]
  • The 7 streams of income [18:50]
  • How to work the 7 streams into your life [25:30]
  • The money questions [30:00]
  • Behaviors change your financial situation [38:32]
  • The importance of having a legal foundation for your business [43:13]

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