1. Landscaper to $30MM Tech Entrepreneur: Lessons Learned on the Journey with Bryan Clayton, Ep # 131 Gabe Nelson and Bryan Clayton 41:17

Do you wish you had a wildly successful entrepreneur to show you the way to entrepreneurial success? Bryan Clayton is that person.

In today’s episode, Bryan shares the secrets he learned from his experience building a multi-million dollar landscaping business and then transitioning to becoming a tech entrepreneur. Bryan has amazing insight into building different types of successful businesses and his tips will span any type of business. 

You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in…

  • Bryan’s journey [1:22]
  • What it was like managing 150 employees [3:53]
  • Where he went to learn more to build his business [6:22]
  • The change from 1-5 million [11:02]
  • Why he sold his landscaping business [12:42]
  • What he learned from becoming a tech entrepreneur [15:24]
  • The money questions [31:35]
  • Final thoughts [38:22]

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