1. Build Mindfulness and Self-Confidence with Alexandra Dotcheva Maria T. Finch 26:23

Thinking about making a significant change in your life but lacking the confidence to get started? Confidence Coach Alexandra Dotcheva shares how after being a professional musician for 26 years, she faced the really difficult fact that she needed to switch careers. Alexandra used her anxiety as a motivator and recognized that she needed to silence her mindcluck to be able to move forward. Through meditation and other mindfulness techniques, Alexandra developed powerful skills to quiet her mind, raise her confidence level, and to stay centered when facing the challenges that are a part of life. Listen to find out how!

What you’ll learn:

  • When making a change in life, the importance of listening and orienting to this new “world” to build confidence.
  • How to throw out the garbage that your mind gives you and be positive in ways that prompt productive action that promote personal growth.
  • How developing skills to quiet your mind can enable you to stay calm and focused in stressful situations, and much more!

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Maria T. Finch, Inner Intelligence Coach and host of Silence the Mindcluck, works with high achievers

  • who are unsatisfied with one or many aspects of their lives despite their success, and
  • who are ready to make success and fulfillment go hand in hand.

Is this you? Maria will guide you to silence the mindcluck that leaves you feeling unfulfilled despite your success. She will teach you how to tune into your inner intelligence to build and execute strategies that will shift you from feeling frustrated AF to being the queen or king of your life.

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Maria T. Finch Inner Intelligence Coach

Maria T. Finch is an Inner Intelligence Coach at Silence the Mindcluck. Mindcluck means what you think it means…the mind chatter everyone experiences that can derail even the best moments. Maria works with high achievers who are unsatisfied in one or many aspects of their lives. She guides them to silence their mindcluck and tune into their inner intelligence to build and execute strategies that shift them from feeling frustrated AF to being the queens or kings of their lives.