1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - She Ignored The Elephant In The Room With Guest Weight Loss Coach Leslie Chen 29:48

As the middle child of five, Ping experienced a lot of family pressure and political pressure as she was raised in China during The Cultural Revolution from 1966 through 1976. Enduring tremendous upheaval, it took a toll on Ping and her family.

Perhaps because of Ping’s past, she found it in her heart to stand up against society and family. Ping was there for her daughter at a number of crucial life changing events. She deserves a lot of credit for believing in her daughter and her daughter’s behavior, when culturally it was frowned upon. 

In one particular situation that you’ll hear about in the interview  Leslie says “my mom’s lack of response saved me.” So many lessons to learn from two women, very similar personalities yet a generation apart.

Leslie shares that she knew at a young age that she wanted to leave China and go to college in the United States and it was her mother who stood in front of thousands and advocated for her daughter and didn’t succumb to the intimidation.

Today, Leslie is a mom and business owner. She  is not a doctor, yet after her own experience of weight gain and years of studying and research, she now is able to help others with their food obsession. Her philosophy incorporates current day reasonings as well as Chinese traditions to reprogram your relationship with food.  “It’s rather a lifestyle and a kind of mindset and routine which can help you loose the weight effectively without being addicted to this weight loss game,” suggests Chen.  

One of her suggestions for curbing further cravings for sugar is, “Teassert.” She explains in the interview. 

Hope you enjoy our conversation.


“Leslie Chen is a high-performance weight loss coach who helps high-achieving women all over the world get a head-turning body permanently and effortlessly, using timeless wisdom from Asia.

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