1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - "My Mom Wanted More For Her Children" With Guest Educator Tammy Haddad 28:43

Tammy Haddad  most recently finished teaching 5th and 6th grade and she likes to think that she knows what kids are into these days.  My guest is also the host of the “Cozy Rainbow” podcast which is geared for kids 10 years and up. As the  oldest of four siblings, Tammy says “I definitely get my drive from my mother. My father says “all my good qualities are from my mom.”

Though Tammy grew up in Las Vega, NV, she still has family that live on the reservation in Monument Valley, UT where her mother was raised. And it was through her tribe that both Shirlene and Tammy were able to get funds for their education.  Tammy’s family was able to receive funding for college through various organizations, including the ‘Native American Scholarship’ (NAS) and ‘Indian Health Services’ (IHS) programs, just to name a few. Tammy explained “if you receive funding from IHS for college as Tammy’s mother did, your first job in the healthcare field, you must work for two years on a reservation-part of a give back program.” 

“My mother insisted that I apply for scholarships. I know lots of kids who didn’t apply. I even worked at the scholarship office in college. I was dedicated to getting funding because of my mother. “Mom said, just get up and do it.”  In turn, Tammy then was there to heIp her younger siblings apply as well.  And today, Tammy does not have tremendous outstanding loans.

Tammy also shared her experience of coming out to her parents when she was then 16. She says “it was no big deal.” She told her dad first, then her mom and her mom basically said “ok , cool no big deal.” Tammy was very happy that her parents where understanding and that it wasn’t a big to do.  She also doesn’t understand why her sexual preference is anyone else’s  business.  Tammy’s advice to parents is, “tell your kids you love them no matter what, you’ll never kick them out, and you’ll always have a place to live here. Coming out doesn’t have to be such a big deal,” according to Tammy.

“Mom did all that she did-moved away, moved off the reservation and got her degree because she wanted me to have all the opportunities that she didn’t have. My mom calls me her reincarnation” giggles Tammy. Not only do mother and daughter have similar personality traits, they do look very much alike.



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