1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - My Mom Understood Me With Guest Ukrainian Blogger Ivan Zaiets 29:45

Ivan reached out to me because he wanted to share the story of his mother and the role she’s played in his life.   He readily offers that “my relationship with my mother impacted not only me but my friend’s lives. Everything I have in my life is thanks to mom.” 

One of the most significant turning points in my guest’s life began with a specific conversation he and his mom had one night when he was 17 years old.  The outcome of the conversation changed both Ivan and his mom’s life for the better.  

Ivan’s mom worked hard to support her son after divorcing her husband, Ivan’s father She worked in a “government clinic’  in the emergency room/intensive care unit. Ivan says, “she was so brave. I was growing up without a father and she was always there to protect me.”

When asked about the lifelong influence Russian has played in his life, Ivan is very proud of his Russian/Ukraine heritage. His maternal grandmother was originally from Belarus and his maternal grandfather from Ukraine.  Over the years, Russia, in particular Moscow and St. Petersburg,  have offered motivational programs to all Ukrainians.

Over the years, Ivan has been a professional Master of Ceremonies, a blogger and a workaholic, which he contributes to his mother. Now he’s mainly concentrating his work on his  “Ivan About Ukraine” page on Youtube. It’s in English so you don’t have to worry about not understanding the Ukraine language. Ivan’s Facebook page, is in Ukraine with English translations. Most of his work now is emphasizing his love for his country and keeping us up to date of what’s going on on the ground.

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