1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLO -Lonely Yet Never Alone with Guest WSJ Columnist Julie Jargon 22:45

Julie Jargon is the first ‘Family & Technology’ Columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Congratulations again Julie. She is also a Gen X mom.  Generation X is  the generation after the ‘Baby Boomers’-mid 1960’s to early 1980’s, and her findings may not be too surprising.

As a parent, I’ve often told my boys to get off their phones and/or computer for many reasons.  The worst being social media and the damning effect it can have on ones self confidence.  In times of need, one often thinks that reaching out to friends is the smartest and safest solution, but it doesn’t always workout that way.  The same holds true for adults. One has to be smart and think outside the box when trying to find new friends or different ways to gather socially.

Moms are human and they have needs too, especially during these trying times of lockdown. Kids are struggling with virtual schooling, parents are either out of work or all working from home. Add a pandemic dog to the mix, so now you essentially have an additional new baby to take care of and train on top of everything else. All of this can lead to chaos in the home.

So a number of mom’s sought solace on social media and admit to  becoming more lonely and depress. It didn’t fulfill their needs the way they had hoped.  That’s not to say that all social media is bad, you just have to find the right fit your you.  Seeing others out and about, carrying on and having fun during these past two years while you’re at home doing  ‘the right and smart thing’ can be upsetting. Jargon is spot on when saying “we should be prioritizing friendships. She continues, “research shows how important friendships are to physical and mental health.”

Julie has a number of wonderful suggestions on how to meet up with friends and make new ones during these trying times.  I’m sure some of her suggestions will help you and give you a different perspective  about how to truly use this powerful tool as social media to your benefit. And she suggests “don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. Ask for what you want and sometimes you must take the initiative.” 

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