1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - Letting Go Of My Mother While Keeping Her Spirit Alive With Guest Artist And Author Shannon Grissom 28:54

Pat, my guest’s mom, grew up in Washington state. Because her parents had divorced wen Pat was a little girl, Pat spent the school year with her mother on the coast of Washington and summers with her father in the eastern part of the state. Pat learned independence starting at the early age of five years old as her parents  put her on a train by herself, back and forth across the state.  This part of Shannon’s journey begins with her mom’s Sock Monkey and it’s opened up a world of learning and inspiration.

Incase you’re not familiar with what a sock monkey is, it’s a  toy for young and old.  Stuffed Sock Monkeys were very popular in the 1930 and 40’s, especially during The Great Depression to help uplift the spirits of children and adults.

After Shannon’s mother died, she came across a Stuffed Sock Monkey in her mother’s possessions. She took it home with her and it’s created a life of its own, a significance that Shannon is still surprised by today.

In regard to her mother Shannon says “she was a teacher by nature and a teacher by trade. In fact, Pat was a  6th grade teacher for a while in addition to a Special Education teacher. Everything was a teaching /learning experience.”  Shannon, her twin sister, Cheryl, and their mother had a very close relationship. All three women have intuitive capabilities and Pat allowed Shannon to make her own mistakes.  Shannon  in her late 20’s,  started to develop her own psychic abilities. And as a twin, Shannon and her sister Cheryl, have psychic abilities that they work on together from near and afar. 

 Shannon shares stories of all the music in their home growing up. “Mom, she was brilliant. She could play any instrument by ear you gave her. Her main instrument in our home was the piano.”

With an infectious laugh that Shannon most likely inherited from her mom,  my guest fills us in on how funny  her mother was. She just lit up the whole family with her witty sense of humor.

Shannon Grissom is an award winning artist, author and illustrator of the book “Monkey Made of Sockies” and most recently the creator of ‘Sock Monkey Oracle Cards.”  

– Each card is a unique painting of a sock monkey which correlates to a specific Oracle Card.

What are Oracle cards? Shannon Grissom will explain all of this and share more stories of her mom  Pat.


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