1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLO -Everybody Loved Penny Shaffer With Guest Retired FBI Tactical Instructor Greg Shaffer. Looking Back At S2E4 32:03

My guest, Greg Shaffer, the 2nd oldest of the four boys, is the founder and president of The Shaffer Security Group based in Texas. He is a retired FBI tactical instructor, active shooter expert,  counter terrorism team trainer  and more.  Greg is the author of the best-selling book, “Stay Safe – Security Secrets for Today‘s Dangerous World”.

Considering his background and busy schedule, Greg couldn’t have been more excited to share stories of his mother, Penny. All the sons  loved their mom and it’s a pleasure to share the stories with you.

Penny was a professional ballroom dancer who competed throughout the United States with her dance partner of many years. She loved to dance so much that she’d even clean the house and dance at the same time. Family was everything to the Shaffer family, especially because of all the international traveling that they did when the kids were younger, it brought them closer together. 

Penny loved to cook and was famous for her ‘Penny Shaffer pancakes’ and fried chicken. 

Greg says, “it was almost like a ‘Leave It To Beaver’ kind of family. We are all so close and there was so much love and laughter.


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