1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLO - All Or Nothing with Guest David Thomas 28:18

He’s not a professional comic but laughter comes easy for David Thomas. It’s actually one field that he hasn’t tried professionally, but would love to some day.  Thomas is a Global Professional Speaker and a CEO Presentation Skills Coach. In case you haven’t heard about his crazy memory abilities,  he’s also an International Grandmaster of Memory, broken Guinness record for reciting Pi to 22,500 digits, became US Memory Champion and so much more.  

From the age of 4, David recalls the nightly sexual abuse  he suffered  from his alcoholic mother, Gillian and then the years of physical abuse from his step-father.  David had a younger brother to protect, so he kept this secret to himself to be certain that his younger brother would not be exposed to any of it.

Unfortunately, David’s mother died in her early 50’s, almost 21 years since the time of this recording. She died at a young age due to an alcohol induced heart attack.  David was happy that he had put  his neglect behind him in order to move forward prior to his mother’s death. They had rekindled their relationship.

 As if the abuse wasn’t enough, David also attempted suicide twice, but was not successful.  When asked if this was life changing or a sign that he was meant to live a long life, his response was,  “no, not at all, it meant that I was just terrible at trying to kill myself.” Again, gallows humor, but it’s easy for him to make light looking back so many years later.

David  wanted to help others who had suffered abuse under the hand of loved ones, so he wrote what turned out to be a #1 bestselling book in the UK, “Tell Me Why Mummy”- An inspirational  true story of one man overcoming enormous odds including sexual abuse from his alcoholic mother to choose his own path in life and become  and become a truly exceptional human being.

Thomas says “you only have 3 choices in life as far as Moving on after an abusive, challenging upbringing-

  1. You carry on living with your problems, but it will eventually take you down.
  2. You remove it
  3. Or you manage it”

Therapy and researching and writing his book help free himself from the horrors of his childhood.


Jackie Tantillo loves being on both sides of the microphone –as Voice Over Artist and Producer/Engineer and in front of the camera as an On Camera Talent. She has been featured in National and International On Camera and Voice Over Commercials and Industrials. Over the years, she has mentored students with an interest in production and broadcasting and has volunteered with elementary school aged children in theatre production. Jackie is able to draw from her many years as a spokesperson and radio talent to bring warmth and insight to her many endeavors, including representative for organizations such as D.A.R.E., March of Dimes, Muscular Dystrophy and Easter Seals. A mom and the youngest of seven siblings, Italian American born in Rota Spain, Jackie or ‘Juani’ as her family and friends call her, comes from a very close knit family. Her knowledge of conversational French, Italian and Spanish has broadened the scope of her work. She lives in New Jersey and loves spending time with her family in the outdoors and traveling.