1. HOST JACKIE TANTILLLO – She Never Told Us The Whole Story… with Guest CPA and Podcast Host Scott Gazzoli 29:35

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It wasn’t until two years ago that my guest, Scott Gazzoli, now 32, learned the truth about why his father suddenly disappeared back in 1995.   When Scott was 5-6 yrs old, his dad suddenly vanished, leaving his mother, Caroline, to raise Scott and his younger sister Sable by herself in Brooklyn, NY.  Caroline did everything  possible to give her children what ever they wanted and needed. One could  say, even if it meant using the Robin Hood Effect.

Scott Gizzoli is a successful financial advisor and podcast host of “Causing the Effect,” a show covering philosophy/ psychology and helping others try and find their true self.

From his own personal experiences, Scott has learned about the downfalls of always  doing what others want  you to do, whether it’s regarding your education,  career choice, personal relationships, etc.   He’s done so many wonderful things, accomplished so much-above and beyond most of his contemporaries, however, he’s learning now that he wants to live his own life and do what makes him happy and not what others want. “Being  our true self is one of our biggest gifts we can give ourselves,” say Gazzoli as he shares about his podcast and the special guests he has on the show.  “No more living by other peoples expectations and perceptions.”

Scott and his sister Sable, were fortunate to have a hard working Mom taking care of them. I can’t wait for you to hear this interview and get to know their mom, Caroline.

Scott is a Managing Director with the Quest Organization, a boutique advisory firm that caters to the needs of High Net Worth Individuals and Families. Scott prides himself on his ability to create solutions and build relationships with his clients. Scott is also a comedian by night!



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