1. Scott Sweitzer: Estate Planning Lessons We All Need Screw The Stock Market 46:19

Welcome to Screw The Stock Market with Alex Escobar and Aziz Yousuf! Today we are joined by the great Scott Sweitzer. Scott owns and operates Prime Estate Planning, a law firm focused on keeping clients’ families out of court and out of conflict. Scott also owns Prime Settlement, a boutique title company in the Washington DC Metro Area. Since founding Prime Settlement in April of 2015, Scott has been managing the business, acting as counsel, overseeing operations, recruiting talent, and developing new business opportunities for the company. 


Scott is an active member of the American Bar Association Real Property & Probate Section and also acts in the capacity of Membership Chair of the Dupont Circle Business Networking International group. Through creative solutions in residential and commercial title transactions, Scott strives to help clients enhance their reputation for excellence and share their passion for the real estate industry.


Join us as Scott shares with us his knowledge and experience in Estate Planning and Real Estate investment.

Alex is a Realtor and an investor that buys income producing apartment buildings and offers the opportunity for others to partner with him, sometimes for less cash than it would take to buy a single family investment property.

In addition to co-hosting the Screw The Stockmarket podcast, Aziz is an avid investor and burgeoning entrepreneur, with a deep interest in long-term financial growth opportunities. He is also a trained legal professional, and an expert international development and business advisor.