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Jacqueline Rodriguez: Talking Mindset with a Certified Master Neuro-Coach 

“Look at what it is that you want. And let yourself take those steps to start believing it.”

Recap of the Episode


Today, we’re discussing the topic of mindset with our guest, Jacquelyn Rodriguez. Jacquelyn is a certified neuro coach and an entrepreneur. She’s here to share her expertise on how to take control of our mindset. Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, or real estate investor, your mindset is the foundation for every action you take. We’re excited to have Jacquelyn on the show to share her insights.


She discusses the importance of mindset in achieving success. Oftentimes, when people first hear the term mindset, they may think it’s not important or substantial. However, she believes that mindset is the foundation for everything we do. She explains that when she first started learning about mindset, she used to think of it as “fufu stuff” and didn’t think it was important. But over time, she realized that it’s a pivotal component in achieving anything. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or anyone else, your mindset is the foundation for every action you take.

One of the key takeaways that she shares is that she rejects the idea of “fake it till you make it.” Instead, she recommends an alternative approach that focuses on taking action and learning as you go. She believes this approach is much more effective than pretending to be something you’re not. Overall, she believes that mindset is the key to achieving success and encourages people to take control of their mindset to achieve their goals.

About the Guest


Jacquelyn is an entrepreneur at heart who started her journey in cosmetology. She had a passion for people, transformation, and connection in her work. She started her own business many years later during a difficult time after the 2008 recession. Despite the challenges she faced, she took the leap of faith and trusted in her instincts, which led her to own a salon and expand her skills in Coaching on a larger scale. Her journey has taught her to trust her instincts even when she couldn’t see the results, and it has led her to make an impact in the world.

How Jacquelyn Lost Her Home


Jacquelyn and her husband lost their home during the 2008 recession. They were young, had a family, and lived the American dream. But when her husband lost his job, and the market crashed, they couldn’t find work and went deeper into debt. They made the difficult decision to foreclose their home and move. It was hard at the time, but she realized later that it was for the best. She was able to build a business she never would have been able to if she stayed in her comfortable but unfulfilling life. Everything happens for a reason, and it may take a while to understand, but it will be worth it in the end.

What Does A Neuro Coach Do?


As a certified neuro coach, Jacquelyn helps clients identify and change subconscious thoughts and beliefs holding them back. These thoughts and beliefs can come up automatically and prevent people from achieving their goals. Jacquelyn uses a proven technique that includes meditation and energy work to help her clients identify and replace limiting beliefs with ones that will help them achieve their goals. She can also recognize and shift negative thoughts much quicker, allowing her clients to see new possibilities and move forward. This technique helps her clients to shift the way they feel and think and recognize the thoughts that are not serving them, which ultimately helps them to take control of their mindset and achieve their goals.

How She has Incorporated Neuro Coaching in her Business


Starting a business can be scary, and it’s not something that is commonly taught, but it requires taking risks and not being able to see the results in the beginning. Jacquelyn started her business with no capital or proven model, but she trusted her intuition. Neuro-Coaching helped her shift her mindset; instead of being scared and taking a long time to make decisions, she could identify the underlying fear and beliefs that were holding her back. By recognizing and breaking down these limiting beliefs, she was able to make decisions that went against the grain and worked out beautifully for her. She has incorporated neuro-Coaching in her business which helps her to take control of her mindset and achieve her goals.

Connection Between Mindset and Achieving Goals


The connection between mindset and achieving our goals is crucial. Our mindset is the foundation for every action we take and determines our ability to achieve our goals. Without the right mindset, we may struggle to take action and be held back by limiting beliefs and fears. A positive and resilient mindset can help us to overcome obstacles, take action and achieve our goals. It may seem like a simple concept, but it can be hard for some people to understand the importance of mindset. They may think it’s wishy-washy or hokey-pokey stuff, but it’s essential to understand how our thoughts and beliefs can impact our ability to achieve our goals and live the life we dream of.


Our mindsets are on autopilot, and our brain has formed beliefs that it thinks are best for us. However, some of these beliefs may no longer serve us as we grow and change. A neuro coach can help identify these subconscious beliefs and determine whether they are helpful. It is important to remember that this process has no shame or blame. Some belief systems can be layered and may take time to change. It’s about recognizing them, having fun with the process, and rewiring our thinking instead of blaming ourselves for not knowing or understanding them earlier. It is important to remember that everything happens for a reason, and we can change things for the better.

Beginning Your Journey to Change


To change your mindset, you need to start with awareness. Recognize the thoughts holding you back, look for patterns, and become aware of the subconscious thoughts stopping you from achieving your goals. The next step is clarity, understanding what you want and why you want it. Followed by erasing old thoughts that are not serving you and replacing them with new ones that will help you achieve your goals. The last step is automation, making new thoughts and beliefs a habit. With this system, you can clearly understand your goals and why you want to achieve them. When you have a clear goal, the dream becomes bigger than staying in your comfort zone, and the discomfort becomes worth it.

The Virtue of Commitment


Commitment is the key to achieving our goals and reaching our full potential. It is believing in something we cannot see, but we know we want it badly. When we take committed action, we start to believe in ourselves and see the results. But when we don’t take that committed action, we’re just proving to ourselves that we’re not good enough and that success is only for other people. That’s why commitment is crucial; it means taking action even when it feels uncomfortable and difficult. It’s about staying true to our goals and pushing through even when things get tough. It’s about being persistent and consistent in achieving our dreams. Without commitment, we’ll never reach our true potential and live the life we want.

Jacquelyn’s Advice to the Listeners


Jacquelyn’s advice is to take that one step toward your goal. Whether starting a business or making a plan, don’t wait for tomorrow. Success, business, and money all love speed. Be confident in your decisions, even if they don’t work out. It’s okay; it means nothing about you; you learned a lesson, and you can move on. She also emphasizes the importance of taking committed action now and not waiting. The world needs you, and whoever you’re going to work with or help is waiting for you to guide them. So don’t wait any longer.

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