1. Episode 192 - We Can Heal Ourselves with Julia Cannon, Daughter of the Late Dolores Cannon 1:21:00

Julia Cannon is the daughter of the late Dolores Cannon and continues on her own path that began with her upbringing and guidance from her family background.  She was a  registered nurse  for 20+ years.  She further  explored healing professions and trained in Reconnective Healing and Dolores Cannon’s QHHT.  Because of her nursing background, Julia Cannon brings a soothing mix of compassion, human body understanding and intuition to her work.

Julia wrote the book Soul Speak:  The Language of Your Body to educate others on how you can tap into your own healing capabilities.  Julia also helps others through her website www.juliacannon.com which is a comprehensive course & training to help you understand your own body's messages.

In this episode we discuss:
– Where do emotions coming into play as it relates to our wellness?
– Do you believe that every single ache, pain and illness is a message?
– Who is our higher self?
– What is the meaning of recurring accidents?
– We get into some common issues and illnesses like knee pain, osteoarthritis, cancer, autoimmune disease and more.

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I went back to college at 46 to do what I do now...teach others how to age better, live a healthy life through alternative means & biohacking & preferably age without disease. We are meant to live a balanced life and have fun. True wellness relates to a healthy body, mind, soul and spirit - and my expertise includes all of these important aspects to a healthy life.  The views expressed on this podcast are for educational purposes only and we are not providing medical advice. See your own practitioner on what is right for you.