1. Episode 168 - You CAN Prevent Alzheimer's Disease & Even Reverse It With Expert Dr. Dale Bredesen 1:06:07

This episode is dedicated to the memory of my mother-in-law, Judith Kruse, who passed away 5 years ago this week with dementia.   She was filled with joy & laughter & we miss her dearly.

My guest today is world expert on Alzheimer's, Dr. Dale Bredesen.  He is truly changing the world of Alzheimer’s Disease Research and is an internationally recognized expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases.

Dr. Bredesen’s research explores previously uncharted territory in explaining the physical mechanism behind the erosion of memory seen in Alzheimer’s disease, and has opened the door to new approaches to treatment. This work has led to the identification of several new therapeutic processes that are showing remarkable early results. Notably, he put much of his findings and research into the 2017 New York Times‘ Best-Seller, The End of Alzheimer’s available anywhere you buy books or you can grab it on Amazon Canada or Amazon US.

His most recent book, The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s, presents the stories of seven individuals who reversed their cognitive decline using the ReCODE Protocol.

In this episode, Dr. Bredesen & I cover off:
– What are the many causes of cognitive decline?
– What genetics are involved & how to find out if you carry these genes?
– How can one improve cognition now before any major issue arises?
– Are you doomed if you're noticing cognitive decline?
– Can Alzheimer's really be reversed?

And SO much more in this packed-with-information episode.

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