1. Episode 167 - How to Ignite Your Life's Purpose Midlife & Beyond with Jen Gilchrist of Soul Success Unleashed 59:10

“What does the voice of my soul even sound like?”  If I had to guess, many listeners have no idea.  Some may not care to find their purpose.  They just want to retire & live out the rest of their lives…

A soul's purpose is not typically a hobby, but can be.  It's your calling in life.  It's using & sharing your gifts.

My guest today is Jen Gilchrist.  She is a Soul Alignment, Success Mentor + Speaker.  Jen helps to awaken people to their inherent soul gifts and helps them clear soul-level blocks so they can fully show up in all their brilliance. She guides her clients into practical and actionable steps to so they can create thriving purpose driven businesses that aligns to their unique soul’s purpose.

In this episode, Jen & I discuss:

– Where do you even begin to uncover your gifts if you're unsure
– How getting quiet can help you
– How to stimulate your intuition
– How setting intentions can help to drive that purpose
– How lessons can provide us with clues or help to shift us out of one behaviour into another

…And so much more.

To get in touch with Jen, start here at https://soulsuccessunleashed.com/.  Join her Facebook group here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/enlightenedentrepreneurswithjengilchrist/

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