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  1. Episode 166 - Have Women Been Mislead About Menopause? A Conversation You WANT to Hear with Dr. Bruce Dorr, MD, OBGYN 1:02:26

My guest is Dr. Bruce Dorr, MD, OBGYN & Senior Medical Advisor for Biote.  We talk Menopause & also discuss the article from the NY Times released on February 1, 2023 Women Have Been Mislead About Menopause.

We get into so many newer discoveries about Menopause including:
– How frequency, duration & intensity of hot flashes may increase your risk for dementia
– Symptoms that may increase your risk of heart disease
– How sex hormones decrease beta amyloid proteins that cause Alzheimer's Disease.
– How testosterone plays an important part in women.
…and so much more.

This episode is to educate you & is not personal medical advice.  Work with a physician that works with you. Share this with your physician & anyone who may benefit.

Dr. Bruce Dorr is the Chief Medical Officer of Biote Medical.
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