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  1. Episode 153 - Hormones: Why We Want (and NEED) Healthy & Balanced Hormones for Life with Dr. Christopher Shade of Quicksilver Scientific 1:11:08

This is the podcast episode many have asked me about…the anticipation is over and here is my conversation with Dr. Christopher Shade of Quicksilver Scientific.

Here is why I love this interview so much.  It's raw & real – no mincing of words to make something sound polished & perfect.  It's exactly what many feel like Midlife & beyond when our hormones are not healthy – and this goes for both men & women.

We got into the whole topical estriol serum discussion for beautiful skin…I posted on this in January in TikTok & it went VIRAL and I've been using topical estriol since last September…and I have a discount to try Quicksilver products yourself.

Use code SANDYK15 & the link is here: Quicksilverscientific.com.

Have this conversation with a functional medicine doctor or a naturopath doctor who is trained in bioidentical hormones – there is a huge difference between bioidenticals & synthetic.  No medical advice here – see a qualified practitioner for what's right for you.  And please challenge your GP if they say that bioidenticals don't work…they most certainly do.

The first place to start is to educate yourself. That's what this podcast is meant to do.

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I went back to college at 46 to do what I do now...teach others how to age better, live a healthy life through alternative means & biohacking & preferably age without disease. We are meant to live a balanced life and have fun. True wellness relates to a healthy body, mind, soul and spirit - and my expertise includes all of these important aspects to a healthy life.  The views expressed on this podcast are for educational purposes only and we are not providing medical advice. See your own practitioner on what is right for you.