1. Mastering Sales as a Fractional CFO With Kathy Svetina Sales Made Easy 31:15

Welcome to Sales Made Easy, the podcast that demystifies the art of selling and provides practical strategies for success. In this episode, our host, Harry Spaight, sits down with finance expert turned business owner, Kathy Svetina. As a financial planning and analysis professional, Kathy faced unique challenges when transitioning from the world of finance to running her own business. Join us as Kathy shares her insights on marketing, sales, and the evolving role of finance in today’s business landscape.

Kathy reveals the pivotal moment when she realized the importance of asking customers what they want and how her services have benefited them. She dives into the changing perception of finance professionals, who now strive to build relationships with other departments and understand the impact of marketing, sales, and operations on the bottom line.

Discover how Kathy utilized customer research and web copy audits to refine her messaging and align her business with customer preferences. Tap into her experience as a fractional CFO, and learn why startups seeking investors and established businesses in need of strategic guidance can benefit from the specialized services of a fractional CFO.

Our conversation delves beyond sales tactics to explore the importance of collaboration, open communication, and a united approach in fostering business success. Kathy’s unique perspective as a finance person provides valuable insights into the interdependence of sales and finance teams and how to forecast cash shortages to ensure business Resilience.

Tune in to Sales Made Easy to gain a deeper understanding of the sales process, learn strategies for building relationships, and discover the role of a fractional CFO in driving business growth. Don’t miss Kathy’s helpful tips and thoughtful advice for sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners alike.

For More about Kathy Svetina:

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ksvetina/

Website –  https://www.newcastlefinance.us/

Podcast | Help! My Business is Growing –  https://helpmybusinessisgrowing.buzzsprout.com/1809287

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