1. Three Reasons Why Leaders Don't Get Promoted - Part I Steve Worthy 32:05

Have you ever missed out on a promotion?  Ever wondered why your management hasn't noticed your efforts? Before you jump to conclusions, listen in as we look at the reasons why leaders don't get promoted. You might learn a thing or two!

Key Highlights

[00:01] Getting passed over for a promotion

[02:07] Why many retail workers are looking for new jobs right now

[04:52] Are you ready for the promotion?

[05:33] The importance of focused time in doing your role

[08:28] Why do you want to get promoted? Know the 3 Main Fs!

[10:00] Do you lack strategic vision?

[13:16] How to improve your strategic vision

[17:54] Developing and exporting great talent

[21:40] Resistance to change is a kiss of death!

[27:48] The best leaders are curios and ask questions

[30:41] Why understanding why you want to get promoted is important

Notable Quotes

  • Time, experience, and capacity are certain things that you need within retail.
  • It's not just experience that helps you; it's evaluated experiences.
  • When you are getting promoted, it's not just about you. It's about those other people that you have actually helped.
  • We get so fixated on the day to day that we don't think outside of our box.
  • You won't get promoted if you don't have a better understanding of embracing and dealing with change.
  • When you have a seat at the table, you're feeding yourself. When you don't have a seat at the table, people are feeding.
  • The best leaders I know ask questions that they don't have the answer to, and they ask the questions and hope that you have the answer.
  • The best leaders, the ones who are getting promoted, have a good idea of who they are and where they want to go.


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