1. Why Millions of Us are Retiring Earlier than Planned with Mark Miller #259 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 36:44


This week, I will interview Mark Miller, that is MARK Miller of the Retirement Revised newsletter and podcast. Mark is a good friend and colleague, writes for the New York Times and many other major outlets.

I am a subscriber to Mark’s newsletter and podcast. His most recent newsletter included a PBS News Hour segment Why millions of older Americans are retiring early in the wake of the pandemic. 

I will embed the video in the full show notes linked below. I found this a pretty compelling piece on why so many are retiring but I am concerned will they be able to stay retired or will they have to unretire. If they need to return to the work after 2, 3, or more years what might that look like?

I wanted to discuss this with someone who really understands this arena and could dig deeper into how this will affect those of us in the 2nd half of life who are not retiring just yet.

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