1. Vicki Soll Finds a Happy Place in Her Career by Teaching Older Adults #260 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 43:45


This week I am speaking with a graduate from the Career Pivot community, Vicki Soll. Vicki wandered around a lot in her career in the high-tech industry. She did okay but was never really happy. Vicki has found her happy place in her early 60s teaching, training, and developing curriculum targeting older adults.

I think many of you will relate to her story as she kept taking jobs throughout her career that she knew were not right for her because she wanted the paycheck. What we do not mention Vicki married later in life, and therefore, for most of her career, she was completely dependent on her own income. I cannot tell you the number of highly successful single women in their 50s who I have coached who have this underlying fear of becoming a bag lady, alone and homeless. Making career decisions based on fear of running out of money is not uncommon in this demographic.

Vicki has found her happy spot in her career and it has been my real joy watching her shift her mindset over about 3 years.

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