1. Kickstart Your Business @50+ with Solène Oudet and Blissen #310 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 26:05


In this episode, I am speaking with Solène Oudet from Blisson.io and she runs the

Kickstart Your Business at 50+ bootcamp. I learned about what Solène was doing from Vicki Soll, who is a former community member and was on the podcast in Episode 260. Vicki is now one of Solène’s instructional designers and instructors.

Solène Oudet is one of several people I have found that are running entrepreneurial bootcamps for the 50+ audience around the US. As you will hear some of these are Coaching or consulting businesses, others are brick and mortar restaurants, others are building online market places and a lot more.

Solène is a fascinating person with a fascinating background. Let me read you her bio:

Solène is the founder of Blissen, a social enterprise on a mission to help older adults (50+), especially women and people of color, find economic independence and purpose through entrepreneurship.

Their flagship program, Kickstart Your Business @50+, is a 10-week cohort-based training program that guides participants through the steps of launching a viable business. Currently funded by San Francisco’s Office of Economic & Workforce Development, their program helped 67 older adults launch their own small business last year.

Before Blissen, Solène worked for 8+ years in the tech industry as a product manager at Google and co-founder of a B2B startup backed by Y Combinator. She recently decided to make a career change to tackle a societal challenge she deeply cares about: financial insecurity and social isolation among older adults.

I think you will find that Solène has a heart of gold and is working to make the world a better place.

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