1. Has Your Network Abandoned You? Let’s Discuss How to Plan to Get it Back! #278 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 15:46


Many of you have lost connection with your network and community in the last 2 plus years. This could be your business community aging out on you, or losing contact with family and friends. You may have lost contact with religious organizations, social groups, and civic groups. For many, these are the people who pulled you along in your career and life. Now is the time to re-establish old connections and create new ones.

I wrote a post about a year ago called Has Your Network Aged Out and Abandoned You During the Pandemic?

If you are like me and are over the age of 50, it would not surprise anyone that your mentors, career champions, and colleagues who have supported you in your career are not available to you anymore. They may have retired, no longer be in a position of influence, or may have died during the pandemic.

I have also written about the power of community in the post Community – What Is The Value Of Belonging To One? Please check out that article.

It is your network and the communities that you have belonged to that brought your success up to this point. Now is the time to start to rebuild them.

I wrote a mega blog post five years ago called Strategic Networking Playbook – Who, How and When! In this episode, I will take you through this process to help you plan out your network. In a later episode, I will take you through what you should be doing now.

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