1. Explore Becoming an Online Tutor as an Encore Career with Joanne Kaminski #257 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 42:45


This week I am speaking with Joanne Kaminski, owner of OnlineTutorCoach.com and she helps tutors start, and grow their online tutoring businesses.

Here is her bio from her website:

Joanne Kaminski is a former teacher and Reading Specialist with 10 years of experience turned online reading tutor.  She is the founder of the Online Tutor Coach, LLC where she helps other tutors who are great at tutoring but struggle with attracting students.  Joanne impacts over 20,000 tutors through her YouTube channel, Facebook Group, Instagram, and podcast.  She is the author of How to Start an Online Tutoring Business Making 4-5 Figures a Month which is available on Amazon.

When I was teaching high school math, I was approached by a lot of people that this was something they would like to do as an encore career. Becoming a teacher is a really hard transition. If you are interested in this go listen to episode 227 which was called Teaching High School Chemistry as an Encore Career with Keith Stolzenbach

Becoming an online tutor is much easier and equally as rewarding.

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