1. Can Phil Repurpose His Career? Part 2 of 4 #166 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 40:22


This will be a 4-episode series where the first 2 episodes are comprised of the first feedback session. The next 2 episodes are the 2nd and 3rd feedback sessions. I do not record the 4th feedback session as it is a review and usually gets too personal for this podcast. This is the 2nd half of the first feedback session.

You will discover that Phil has a big gap in usual versus needs scores in the area of insistence. He is very structured, but he is also a big-time problem solver. From his behavior, you would never know he is a problem solver. I call this being a structured anarchist. He loves rules as long as they are his rules. He also has an interesting combination of being a problem solver and being a sensitive guy. In the engineering world, this is very uncommon and we will see later on that this is a superpower.

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