1. Are You Taking Risks in Your Career and Life? Let's Talk How to Do It #273 Marc Miller - Career Designer for Career Pivot 23:01


In this week’s episode, I am exploring risk both real and perceived. This is a follow-up discussion I want to have with you. If you have not listened to episode 271 when I interviewed Angie Morgan one of the co-authors of the book, “Bet on You: How to Win with Risk,” do that now.

In late 2019, we held 3 sessions in the What’s Next mastermind group around risk.  We first spent time defining what risk means to each of us. We each view risk differently but those who are the most risk-averse are often the ones who society leaves behind.

Like Angie discussed in episode 271, this is not about taking wild risks without understanding the ramifications. It is about taking measured risks.

In this episode, I want to discuss real and perceived risks. Not everything we view as a risk is very risky.

I really want you to reflect on how you have taken or not taken risks in your career and life. Taking risks is part of life. We take risks every day in our lives, like getting in a car, flying in a plane, and now walking into an indoor restaurant and being surrounded by lots of people.

How have you taken risks and mitigated the outcomes?

I will be intermixing solo episodes like this one over the next few months. They will be shorter and to the point. I am trying something different to mix things up.

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