1. A Tactical Approach To Fitness and Wellness with Dr. Mike Simpson Dr. Ron Kaiser 39:42

The type of fitness and wellness goals we can aspire to rely mainly on an element frequently overlooked: age. In our 20s, we can wing things, decide out of the blue to start training for a triathlon, and we will most likely get away with it. But after a certain age, we need a plan; we must let the wisdom of age set the pace. For people over forty, physical and mental wellness is about longevity, and that race, as Dr. Mike Simpson states, is a marathon, not a sprint. 

Joining me today is the admirable Dr. Mike Simpson. Mike served over 3 decades in the military, where he was deployed to 17 different countries, participating in counter-narcotics operations in the jungles of South America, to the Global War on Terror (GWOT) in Southwest Asia and North Africa. He is a Tactical Physician at San Angelo Police Department, Investigator at Karga Seven Pictures, Medical Director at PerSys Medical, Author, Podcast Host, and former Airborne Ranger and Special Forces Operator. 

In this episode, Mike offers his unique perspective on fitness and wellness. We explore why most injuries occur after a certain age, the concept of being a warrior athlete, and the conflict between fitness goals and the instant gratification culture. Mike also debunks two of the most heard excuses about why we can’t stay fit – lack of time or lack of money. In addition, we go through Mike’s decision of pivoting into medicine, and he explains why he decided to become a deployed overseas physician. 

Tune in to Episode 103 of Rejuvenaging, and get into the right mindset to start taking care of your future self’s health today. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Can you tell us a bit of your journey to get to be who you are today? (4:17)
  • From a practical standpoint, a warrior athlete is someone different than the rest of us? (5:56)
  • If somebody wants to be a warrior athlete, what’s the commitment that’s required? And what’s that going to mean in terms of lifestyle? (13:34)
  • What things should you be doing to reduce the odds of dealing with injuries? (18:36)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • About Dr. Mike’s journey from military to a physician (4:28)
  • What it means to be a warrior athlete (6:44)
  • The two biggest excuses people make for not being fit (10:46)
  • Dr. Mike’s path into medicine (16:13)
  • How parents can inspire and instill a healthy lifestyle in their children (23:55)


  • Dr. Mike Simpson website
  • Grey Beard Performance website
  • Grey Beard Performance Instagram
  • Book: Mike Simpson – Honed: Finding Your Edge as a Man Over 40
  • Mind of The Warrior podcast 

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Ron Kaiser, Ph.D. Psychologist, Educator, Author, Podcaster

Ron Kaiser, Ph.D., is a positive health psychologist, coach, author, podcaster, educator, consultant, and speaker. He has been in practice for more than five decades, including 25 years as Director of Psychology at the world-famous Jefferson Headache Center at Thomas Jefferson University. As an innovative thought leader in the field, he has developed the concepts of THE MENTAL HEALTH GYM, GOAL-ACHIEVING PSYCHOTHERAPY (GAP), THE TYPE P PERSONALITY, and REJUVENAGING®.