1. Delegating Can Help You Focus with Jeff J. Hunter Brigitte Cutshall 46:54

This was a fun conversation with Jeff J. Hunter. Our goal was to talk about how delegating helped him focus and then become a successful business owner of multiple companies. 

We also touched on a few other topics like why you need to have a hard job in life and the importance of being persistent in your quest to find answers. 

The biggest takeaway that Jeff learned was that he became more productive after seeking help…delegating work he didn’t like to do. He was a project manager that was handling at least 50 different projects at the same time. This stressed him out and couldn’t handle all the documentation required for the multiple projects assigned to him. 

He created VA Staffing and is now helping other business owners be successful by delegating what they don’t want to do. Jeff also has a marketing company called Branded Media.

Learn more about him at jeffjhunter.com or on LinkedIn.