1. Closing the Confidence Gap with Kelli Thompson Brigitte Cutshall 33:18

Kelli Thompson is a Leadership Coach and author of Closing the Confidence Gap. 

She made a brave leap, left the corporate environment, and went into entrepreneurship in 2019.  Then the pandemic happened and she dealt with a lot of unexpected challenges with the new business. 

Kelli learned that she really wanted to focus on Coaching women, especially women in corporate. Women who are accelerating in their careers, but feel like they’re doubting themselves or need more confidence. Then the book idea, Closing the Confidence Gap, was launched to make the information accessible to more people. 

Kelli’s putting herself out there to help others. Clarifying your values is a big step and embrace your fear of failure. We try to be perfect (guilty!) but we’re not and it’s okay.

Learn more about her at https://kelliraethompson.com and on connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelliraethompson/