1. How to Teach Your Adult Children to Plan for Retirement James Conole, CFP® 26:58

James walks through a framework of how you ensure that your legacy goals include more than just leaving a chunk of money to your kids when you're gone.

He explains the key concepts that can help your child develop strong money management skills. From starting early to diversifying your investments, learn how you can help set your child up for financial success

Questions Answered:
Why is it important to start investing for Retirement early in life?
How does early investment preparation not only benefit your Retirement but also your financial well-being in your younger years?

0:00 Intro
3:42 Here's where to start
7:36 Owner vs lender
13:46 Diversification
15:42 Starting early
18:26 Why it matters
21:53 Where are you investing?
25:11 Questions to consider
26:08 Outro

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James Conole CFP®, Podcaster

James Conole is the founder of Root Financial and the host of the Ready For Retirement podcast and YouTube channel.